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View restore progress

Version added: 2.0.0

You can track the status of both physical and logical restores. This gives you a clear understanding of the restore progress so that you can react accordingly.

To view the restore status, run the pbm describe-restore command and specify the restore name. To track the progress of a physical restore, also specify the path to the Percona Backup for MongoDB configuration file. Since mongod nodes are shut down during a physical restore, Percona Backup for MongoDB uses the configuration file to read the restore status on storage.

$ pbm describe-restore 2022-08-15T11:14:55.683148162Z -c pbm_config.yaml

The output provides the following information:

  • Restore name
  • The name of the backup from which the database was restored
  • Type
  • Status
  • opID
  • The time of the restore start
  • Last transition time – the time when the restore process changed its status
  • The name of every replica set, its restore status and the last transition time

For physical backups only, the following additional information is provided:

  • The node name
  • Restore status on the node
  • Last transition time

For version 1.8.1 and earlier, tracking restore progress during physical restores is not available. To check the restore status, the options are:

  • Check the stderr logs of the leader pbm-agent. The leader ID is printed once the restore has started.
  • Check the status in the metadata file created on the remote storage for the restore. This file is in the root of the storage path and has the format .pbm.restore/<restore_timestamp>.json.

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Last update: April 4, 2024
Created: April 4, 2024