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Configure remote backup storage

The easiest way to provide remote backup storage configuration is to specify it in a YAML config file and upload this file to Percona Backup for MongoDB using pbm CLI.

The storage configuration itself is out of scope of the present document. We assume that you have configured one of the supported remote backup storages.

  1. Create a config file (e.g. pbm_config.yaml).

  2. Specify the storage information within.

    The following is the sample configuration for Amazon AWS:

      type: s3
        region: us-west-2
        bucket: pbm-test-bucket
        prefix: data/pbm/backup
          access-key-id: <your-access-key-id-here>
          secret-access-key: <your-secret-key-here>
          sseAlgorithm: aws:kms
          kmsKeyID: <your-kms-key-here>

    This is the sample configuration for Microsoft Azure Blob storage:

      type: azure
        account: <your-account>
        container: <your-container>
        prefix: pbm
          key: <your-access-key>

    This is the sample configuration for filesystem storage:

      type: filesystem
        path: /data/local_backups

    See more examples in Configuration file examples.

  3. Insert the config file

$ pbm config --file pbm_config.yaml

To learn more about Percona Backup for MongoDB configuration, see Percona Backup for MongoDB configuration in a cluster (or non-sharded replica set).

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Last update: June 17, 2024
Created: June 17, 2024