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Backup options

    "localhost:28019": 2.5
    "localhost:27018": 2.5
    "localhost:27020": 2.0
    "localhost:27017": 0.1
  compression: <string>
  compressionLevel: <int>
    startingStatus: 60
  oplogSpanMin: <float64>


Type: array of strings

The list of mongod nodes and their priority for making backups. The node with the highest priority is elected for making a backup. If several nodes have the same priority, the one among them is randomly elected to make a backup.

If not set, the replica set nodes have the default priority as follows:

  • hidden nodes - 2.0
  • secondary nodes - 1.0
  • primary node - 0.5


Type: string
Default: s2

The compression method for backup snapshots. Available in Percona Backup for MongoDB as of version 1.8.0.

When none is specified, backups are made without compression.

Supported values: gzip, snappy, lz4, s2, pgzip, zstd. Default: s2.


Type: int

The compression level. The default value depends on the compression method used.

The following table shows available compression levels per compression method:

Compression method Supported compression levels Default
zstd 1 - fastest speed, 2 - default, 3 - better compression, 4 - best compression 2
snappy no levels
lz4 From 1 (fastest) to 16 1
gzip and pgzip -1 - default compression, 0 - no compression, 1 - best speed, 9 - best compression -1

Note that the greater value you specify, the more time and computing resources it will take to compress the data.


Type: unit32
Default: 33

The wait time (in seconds) for PBM to start physical backups on all shards. Increasing this value is useful when it takes longer than usual to open the $backupCursor.

The 0 (zero) value resets the timeout to the default 33 seconds.


Type: float64

The duration (in minutes) of oplog slices saved with the logical backup snapshot. By default, the duration of backup oplog slices equals to the value defined for the pitr.oplogSpanMin option (default - 10 minutes). You can reduce the duration in heavy-loaded environments. Note that setting the duration to shorter periods may increase the overall backup execution time.

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Last update: June 11, 2024
Created: June 11, 2024