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Install from Percona repositories

Use the package manager of your operating system to install Percona Backup for MongoDB:

  • apt - for Debian and Ubuntu Linux
  • yum - for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and compatible Linux derivatives

To install the software from Percona repositories means to subscribe to them. Percona provides the percona-release repository management tool. It automatically enables the required repository for you and enables you to install and update both Percona Backup for MongoDB packages and required dependencies smoothly.


Run the following commands as root or via the sudo command

1. Install percona-release

Install percona-release tool. If you have installed it before, update it to the latest version.

2. Enable the repository

Starting with of version 1.3.0, Percona Backup for MongoDB packages are stored in the pbm repository.

$ sudo percona-release enable pbm release

3. Install Percona Backup for MongoDB

  1. Reload the local package database:

    $ sudo apt update
  2. Install Percona Backup for MongoDB:

    $ sudo apt install percona-backup-mongodb

Install Percona Backup for MongoDB:

$ sudo yum install percona-backup-mongodb

Next steps

Set up PBM

Get expert help

If you need assistance, visit the community forum for comprehensive and free database knowledge, or contact our Percona Database Experts for professional support and services.

Last update: December 4, 2023
Created: December 4, 2023