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Percona Backup for MongoDB 2.1.0 (2023-04-18)

Release date April 18, 2023
Installation Installing Percona Backup for MongoDB

Percona Backup for MongoDB is a distributed, low-impact solution for consistent backups of MongoDB sharded clusters and replica sets. This is a tool for creating consistent backups across a MongoDB sharded cluster (or a non-sharded replica set), and for restoring those backups to a specific point in time.

Release Highlights

  • Incremental physical backups are now generally available enabling you to use them in production environments. Note that due to the changes in metadata files required for the restore, backups made with previous PBM versions are incompatible for the restore with PBM 2.1.0.
  • You can now selectively back up and restore sharded collections. This improves the management of a desired subset of data in sharded clusters and saves you extra costs on data storage and transfer. This is the tech preview feature due to some known limitations.
  • Benefit from up to 19 times faster physical restore performance with the support of parallel download of data chunks from the S3 storage.
  • Improved deletion of old backups and point-in-time recovery oplog chunks simplifies the automation of backup storage cleanup.
  • The improved handling of master keys for data at rest encryption in Percona Server for MongoDB and the retrieval of the key ID/secret path by PBM from a backup simplifies the environment preparation for the physical restore and improves the restore flow.
  • The support of AWS tokens for the access to the S3 storage improves the security of your infrastructure and the integration with applications that interact with AWS resources via tokens.

New Features

  • PBM-1007 - Selective backup/restore for sharded collections


  • PBM-850 - Add ability to delete older backups
  • PBM-875 - Concurrent download from S3 compatible storages
  • PBM-778 - Save physical restore logs on storage
  • PBM-951 - Get rid of redundant pbm*.old collections to improve resync speed
  • PBM-955 - Improve physical restore of data encrypted at rest
  • PBM-1033 - Flush previous incremental backup history after a new base backup is made
  • PBM-1034 - Restore only files listed in a target backup and remove unneeded files for incremental backups
  • PBM-1035 - Indicate a base incremental backup in pbm status output
  • PBM-1046 - Handle changes with an offset beyond the current file size for incremental backups
  • PBM-1053 - Stop mongod on shards before config servers during physical restore
  • PBM-1060 - Add support of AWS session tokens to access S3 storage
  • PBM-1066 - Restore from logical backup made on previous major PSMDB version
  • PBM-1070 - Improve handling of failed physical/incremental restores when running pbm restore with the --wait option
  • PBM-1078 - Preserve vault options during intermediate restarts
  • PBM-1085 - Add the --yes flag for commands where --force is used

Bugs Fixed

  • PBM-979 - Add support for delayed/arbiter nodes on physical restore
  • PBM-1012 - Drop a collection during selective oplog replay on the create collection stage
  • PBM-1030 - Fixed the restore from incremental backup for database with data-at-rest encryption if the data were added/removed during backup
  • PBM-1052 - Fixed PBM misbehavior during physical restore on a cluster that has more shards than in a backup
  • PBM-1061 - Fixed the restore with the replica set name remapping on PSMDB 4.2
  • PBM-1063 - Fixed the incremental restore failure if the directoryPerDb is configured in PSMDB
  • PBM-1069 - Check for incompatible incremental backups and notify accordingly in pbm status output
  • PBM-1073 - Improve performance of pbm status command on environments with large datasets and many backups
  • PBM-1077 - Save the storage.bson to ensure incremental backups and restores for database with data-at-rest encryption

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