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Install Percona Backup for MongoDB

Supported platforms

Percona Backup for MongoDB is available for the most 64-bit Linux distributions. Find the list of supported platforms on the Percona Software and Platform Lifecycle page.

What nodes to install on


Install pbm-agent on all servers that have mongod nodes in the MongoDB cluster (or non-sharded replica set). You don’t need to start it on the arbiter node, since it doesn’t have the data set.

pbm CLI

You can install pbm CLI on any or all servers or desktop computers you wish to use it from. Those computers must not be network-blocked from accessing the MongoDB cluster.

Installation tutorials

Install Percona Backup for MongoDB in one of the following ways:

After the installation completes, you have the following tools:

Tool Purpose
pbm Command-line interface for controlling the backup system
pbm-agent An agent for running backup/restore actions on a database host
pbm-speed-test An interface for field-testing compression and backup upload speed
pbm-agent-entrypoint An entry point application that allows starting pbm-agent and also restarts it in case of any faults

Next steps

Install from Percona repositories

Get expert help

If you need assistance, visit the community forum for comprehensive and free database knowledge, or contact our Percona Database Experts for professional support and services.

Last update: September 28, 2023
Created: September 28, 2023