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Percona Backup for MongoDB 0.5.0

Percona is pleased to announce the early release of Percona Backup for MongoDB 0.5.0 of our latest software product on June 17, 2019. The GA version of Percona Backup for MongoDB is scheduled to be released later in 2019.

Percona Backup for MongoDB is a distributed, low-impact solution for consistent backups of MongoDB sharded clusters and replica sets. This is a tool for creating consistent backups across a MongoDB sharded cluster (or a single replica set), and for restoring those backups to a specific point in time. Percona Backup for MongoDB uses a distributed client/server architecture to perform backup/restore actions.

The project was inspired by (and intends to replace) the Percona-Lab/mongodb_consistent_backup tool.

Percona Backup for MongoDB supports Percona Server for MongoDB or MongoDB Community Server version 3.6 or higher with MongoDB replication enabled. Binaries for the supported platforms as well as the tarball with source code are available from the Percona Backup for MongoDB download page. For more information about Percona Backup for MongoDB and the installation steps, see the documentation.

Percona Backup for MongoDB 0.5.0 features the following:

  • Enables storing backup metadata on Amazon Simple Storage Service storages.

  • The API of Percona Backup for MongoDB introduces HTTP basic authentication to prevent an unauthorized user from running backups or restoring data if they manage to access the API port.

  • To optimize the usage of network resources, the pbm-agent on mongos is not needed any more and backup-coordinator automatically establishes connection to the appropriate mongos instance.

  • The output of pbmctl list nodes now includes the replica set name and informs the backup status of the node.

Percona doesn’t recommend this release for production as its API and configuration fields are still likely to change. It only features a basic API level security. Please report any bugs you encounter in our bug tracking system.

New Features and Improvements

  • 93: Support storage of backup metadata on AWS S3.

  • 99: pbm-agent is deprecated on mongos.

  • 105: Log a warning if a Primary node-type is used for a backup

  • 122: Include the replica set name to the output of pmbctl list nodes

  • 130: Add HTTP Basic Authentication to gRPC servers (API and RPC)

  • 139: Support listing backup status in the output of pmbctl list nodes

  • 170: Enable setting the ‘stopOnError’ attribute in mongorestore to ensure consistency of the data being restored.

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Last update: April 4, 2024
Created: April 4, 2024