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Point-in-time recovery options

  enabled: <boolean>
  oplogSpanMin: <float64>
  compression: <string>
  compressionLevel: <int>


Type: boolean
Default: False

Enables point-in-time recovery


Type: float64
Default: 10

The duration of an oplog span in minutes. If set when the pbm-agent is making an oplog slice, the slice’s span is updated right away.

If the new duration is smaller than the previous one, the pbm-agent is triggered to save a new slice with the updated span. If the duration is larger, then the next slice is saved with the updated span in scheduled time.


Type: string
Default: s2

The compression method for Point-in-Time Recovery oplog slices. Available in Percona Backup for MongoDB as of version 1.7.0.

Supported values: gzip, snappy, lz4, s2, pgzip, zstd. Default: s2.


Type: int

The compression level is from 0 till 10. The default value depends on the compression method used.

The following table shows available compression levels per compression method:

Compression method Compression levels Default
zstd 1 - fastest speed, 2 - default, 3 - better compression, 4 - best compression 2
snappy no levels
lz4 From 1 (fastest) to 16 1
gzip and pgzip -1 - default compression, 0 - no compression, 1 - best speed, 9 - best compression -1

Note that the greater value you specify, the more time and computing resources it will take to compress the data.


Type: boolean
Default: False
Required: NO

Controls whether the base backup is required to start Point-in-Time recovery oplog slicing. When set to true, Percona Backup for MongoDB saves oplog chunks without the base backup snapshot.

Available in Percona Backup for MongoDB starting with version 1.8.0. To learn more about the usage, see Point-in-Time Recovery oplog replay.

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Last update: April 4, 2024
Created: April 4, 2024