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Percona Backup for MongoDB 2.3.1 (2023-12-04)


Percona Backup for MongoDB is a distributed, low-impact solution for consistent backups of MongoDB sharded clusters and replica sets. This is a tool for creating consistent backups across a MongoDB sharded cluster (or a non-sharded replica set), and for restoring those backups to a specific point in time.

Release Highlights

  • Added support for Percona Server for MongoDB 7.0.
  • The ability to define custom endpoints when using Microsoft Azure Blob Storage for backups
  • Improved PBM Docker image to allow making physical backups with the shared mongodb data volume
  • Updated Golang libraries that include fixes for the security vulnerability CVE-2023-39325.


  • PBM-1195 - Allow custom endpointUrl for Azure storage
  • PBM-1205 - Change the user in PBM Docker image to mongod

Bugs Fixed

  • PBM-1193 - Fixed the pbm-agent failure when the connection to PSMDB is lost

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Last update: June 11, 2024
Created: June 11, 2024