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Restore options

  batchSize: <int>
  numInsertionWorkers: <int>
  numDownloadWorkers: <int>
  maxDownloadBufferMb: <int>
  downloadChunkMb: <int>
  mongodLocation: <string>
     "node01:2017": <string>
     "node03:27017": <string>


Type: int
Default: 500

The number of documents to buffer.


Type: int
Default: 10

The number of workers that add the documents to buffer.


Type: int
Default: number of CPU cores

The number of workers that request data chunks from the storage during the restore. The default value equals to the number of CPU cores.


Type: int

The maximum size of the in-memory buffer that is used to download files from the S3 storage. When unspecified or set to 0, the size cannot exceed the value calculated as numDownloadWorkers * downloadChunkMb * 16 MB. By default, the number of CPU cores * 32 * 16 MB.


Type: int
Default: 32

The size of the data chunk in MB to download from the S3 storage.


Type: string

The custom path to mongod binaries. When undefined, Percona Backup for MongoDB uses the default path to make database restarts during physical restore.


Type: array of strings

The list of custom paths to mongod binaries on every node. Percona Backup for MongoDB uses the values to make restarts of the database during physical restore.

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Last update: June 11, 2024
Created: June 11, 2024