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Percona Backup for MongoDB configuration in a cluster (or non-sharded replica set)

The configuration information is stored in a single document of the admin.pbmConfig collection. That single copy is shared by all the pbm-agent processes in a cluster (or non-sharded replica set), and can be read or updated using the pbm CLI tool.

You can see the whole config by running

> db.getSiblingDB(admin).pbmConfig.findOne()

But you don’t have to use the mongo shell; the pbm CLI has a “config” subcommand to read and update it.

Percona Backup for MongoDB config contains the following settings:

Run pbm config --list to see the whole config. (Sensitive fields such as keys will be redacted.)

Insert the whole Percona Backup for MongoDB config from a YAML file

If you are initializing a cluster or a non-sharded replica set for the first time, it is simplest to write the whole config as YAML file and use the pbm config --file command to upload all the values in one command.

Find the config file examples for the remote backup storage (required) in the Example config files section. For more information about available config file options, see Configuration file options.

Use the following command to upload the config file. For example, config file name is pbm_config.yaml:

$ pbm config --file pbm_config.yaml

Execute the command while connecting to config server replica set if it is a cluster. Otherwise just connect to the non-sharded replica set as normal. (See MongoDB connection strings - A Reminder (or Primer) if you are not familiar with MongoDB connection strings yet.)

Accessing or updating single config values

You can set a single value at a time. For nested values, use dot-concatenated key names as shown in the following example:

pbm config --set storage.s3.bucket="operator-testing"

To list a single value, you can specify just the key name by itself. If set, the command returns the value.

pbm config storage.s3.bucket
pbm config storage.s3.INVALID-KEY
Error: unable to get config key: invalid config key

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Last update: June 24, 2024
Created: June 24, 2024