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InnoDB changes

The maximum auto-increment counter value is now persistent across server restarts.

When encountering index tree corruption, InnoDB writes a corruption flag to the redo log, which makes the corruption flag crash-safe.

A new dynamic variable, innodb_deadlock_detect, may be used to disable deadlock detection.

InnoDB temporary tables are now created in the shared temporary tablespace, ibtmp1.

System tables and data dictionary tables are now created in a single InnoDB tablespace file named mysql.ibd in the MySQL data directory.

By default, undo logs now reside in two undo tablespaces, not in the system tablespace, and are created when the MySQL instance is initialized.

The new innodb_dedicated_server variable, disabled by default, can be used to have InnoDB automatically configure several options based on detected server memory.

Tablespace files can be moved or restored to a new location while the server is offline using the innodb_directories option.

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Last update: 2023-06-12