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Encrypt system tablespace

Version changes

Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.31-23 removes keyring encryption with advanced encryption key rotation and associated system variables, status variables, and options.

Keyring encryption is a tech preview feature.


Percona Server for MySQL supports system tablespace encryption. The InnoDB system tablespace may be encrypted with the master key encryption. The limitation is the following:

  • You cannot convert the system tablespace from the encrypted state to the unencrypted state, or the unencrypted state to the encrypted state. If a conversion is needed, create a new instance with the system tablespace in the required state and transfer the user tables to that instance.

To enable system tablespace encryption, edit my.cnf, and set the innodb_sys_tablespace_encrypt =“ON”

System tablespace encryption can only be enabled with the --initialize option

You can create an encrypted table as follows:

mysql> CREATE TABLE table_name TABLESPACE=innodb_system ENCRYPTION='Y';

System variables


Option Description
Command-line –innodb-sys-tablespace-encrypt
Scope Global
Dynamic No
Data type Boolean
Default OFF

Enables the encryption of the InnoDB system tablespace.

Re-encrypt the system tablespace

You can re-encrypt the system tablespace key with master key rotation. When the master key is rotated, the tablespace key is decrypted and re-encrypt with the new master key. Only the first page of the tablespace (.ibd) file is read and written during the key rotation. The tables in the tablespace are not re-encrypted.


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Last update: 2023-09-27