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Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.13-3

Percona announces the GA release of Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.13-3 on December 21, 2018 (downloads are available here and from the Percona SoftwareRepositories). This release merges changes of MySQL 8.0.13, including all the bug fixes in it. Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.13-3 is now the current GA release in the 8.0 series. All of Percona’s software is open-source and free.

Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 includes all the features available in MySQL 8.0 Community Edition in addition to enterprise-grade features developed by Percona. For a list of highlighted features from both MySQL 8.0 and Percona Server for MySQL 8.0, please see the GA release announcement.

NOTE: If you are upgrading from 5.7 to 8.0, please ensure that you read the upgrade guide and the document Changed in Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.

Features Removed in Percona Server for MySQL 8.0

  • Slow Query Log Rotation and Expiration: Not widely used, can be accomplished using logrotate

  • CSV engine mode for standard-compliant quote and comma parsing

  • Expanded program option modifiers

  • The ALL_O_DIRECT InnoDB flush method: it is not compatible with the new redo logging implementation


  • InnoDB memory size information from SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS; the same information is available from Performance Schema memory summary tables

  • Query cache enhancements: The query cache is no longer present in MySQL 8.0

Features Being Deprecated in Percona Server for MySQL 8.0

  • TokuDB Storage Engine: TokuDB will be supported throughout the Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 release series, but will not be available in the next major release. Percona encourages TokuDB users to explore the MyRocks Storage Engine which provides similar benefits for the majority of workloads and has better optimized support for modern hardware.

Issues Resolved in Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.13-3


  • #5014: Update Percona Backup Locks feature to use the new BACKUP_ADMIN privilege in MySQL 8.0

  • #4805: Re-Implemented Compressed Columns with Dictionaries feature in PS 8.0

  • #4790: Improved accuracy of User Statistics feature

Bugs Fixed Since 8.0.12-rc1

  • Fixed a crash in mysqldump in the --innodb-optimize-keys functionality #4972

  • Fixed a crash that can occur when system tables are locked by the user due to a lock_wait_timeout #5134

  • Fixed a crash that can occur when system tables are locked by the user from a SELECT FOR UPDATE statement #5027

  • Fixed a bug that caused innodb_buffer_pool_size to be uninitialized after a restart if it was set using SET PERSIST #5069

  • Fixed a crash in TokuDB that can occur when a temporary table experiences an autoincrement rollover #5056

  • Fixed a bug where marking an index as invisible would cause a table rebuild in TokuDB and also in MyRocks #5031

  • Fixed a bug where audit logs could get corrupted if the audit_log_rotations was changed during runtime. #4950

  • Fixed a bug where LOCK INSTANCE FOR BACKUP and STOP SLAVE SQL_THREAD would cause replication to be blocked and unable to be restarted. #4758 (Upstream #93649)

Other Bugs Fixed:

#5155, #5139, #5057, #5049, #4999, #4971, #4943, #4918, #4917, #4898, and #4744.

Known Issues

We have a few features and issues outstanding that should be resolved in the next release.

Pending Feature Re-Implementations and Improvements

  • #4892: Re-Implement Expanded Fast Index Creation feature.

  • #5216: Re-Implement Utility User feature.

  • #5143: Identify Percona features which can make use of dynamic privileges instead of SUPER

Notable Issues in Features

  • #5148: Regression in Compressed Columns Feature when using innodb-force-recovery

  • #4996: Regression in User Statistics feature where TOTAL_CONNECTIONS field report incorrect data

  • #4933: Regression in Slow Query Logging Extensions feature where incorrect transaction idaccounting can cause an assert during certain DDLs.

  • #5206: TokuDB: A crash can occur in TokuDB when using Native Partioning and the optimizer has index_merge_union enabled. Workaround by using SET SESSION optimizer_switch="index_merge_union=off";

  • #5174: MyRocks: Attempting to use unsupported features against MyRocks can lead to a crash rather than an error.

  • #5024: MyRocks: Queries can return the wrong results on tables with no primary key, non-unique CHAR/VARCHAR rows, and UTF8MB4 charset.

  • #5045: MyRocks: Altering a column or table comment cause the table to be rebuilt

Find the release notes for Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.13-3 in our online documentation. Report bugs in the Jira bug tracker.

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