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Install Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 from a binary tarball

A binary tarball contains a group of files, including the source code, bundled together into one file using the tar command and compressed using gzip.

See the list of the binary tarball available based on the Percona Server for MySQL version to select the right tarball for your environment.

You can download the binary tarballs from the Linux - Generic section on the download page.

Fetch and extract the correct binary tarball. For example, for Debian 10:

$ wget

Install Percona Server for MySQL Pro from a binary tarball

You can download the required binary tarball for Percona Server for MySQL Pro using your CLIENTID and TOKEN in the following link[CLIENTID]-[TOKEN]/ps-80-pro/tarballs/.

Fetch and extract the correct binary tarball using your CLIENTID and TOKEN. For example, for Oracle Linux 9:


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Last update: 2024-03-22