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Handle corrupted tables

When a server subsystem tries to access a corrupted table, the server may crash. If this outcome is not desirable when a corrupted table is encountered, set the new system innodb_corrupt_table_action variable to a value which allows the ongoing operation to continue without crashing the server.

The server error log registers attempts to access corrupted table pages.

Interacting with the innodb_force_recovery variable

The innodb_corrupt_table_action variable may work in conjunction with the innodb_force_recovery variable which considerably reduces the effect of InnoDB subsystems running in the background.

If the innodb_force_recovery option is <4, corrupted pages are lost and the server may continue to run due to the innodb_corrupt_table_action variable having a non-default value.

For more information about the innodb_force_recovery variable, see Forcing InnoDB Recovery from the MySQL Reference Manual.

This feature adds a new system variable.

Version specific information

  • 8.0.12-1: The feature was ported from Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.

System variables


Option Description
Command-line Yes
Config file Yes
Scope Global
Dynamic Yes
Data type ULONG
Default assert
Range assert, warn, salvage
  • Enabling innodb_file_per_table and using the assert value creates an assertion failure which causes XtraDB to intentionally crash the server. This action is expected when detecting corrupted data in a single-table tablespace.

  • Enabling innodb_file_per_table and using the warn value causes XtraDB to pass the table corruption as corrupt table instead of crashing the server. Detecting the file as corrupt also disables the file I/O for that data file, except for the deletion operation.

  • Enabling innodb_file_per_table and using the salvage value causes XtraDB to allow read access to the corrupted tablespace but ignores any corrupted pages.

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Last update: 2023-09-27