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The ProcFS plugin


This feature is a tech preview. Before using this feature in production, we recommend that you test restoring production from physical backups in your environment, and also use the alternative backup method for redundancy.

Implemented in Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.25-15, the ProcFS plugin provides access to the Linux performance counters by running SQL queries against a Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.

You may be unable to capture operating system metrics in certain environments, such as Cloud installations or MySQL-as-a-Service installations. These metrics are essential for complete system performance monitoring.

The plugin does the following:

  • Reads selected files from the /proc file system and the /sys file system.

  • Populates the file names and their content as rows in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCFS view.

The system variable procfs_files_spec provides access to the /proc and the /sys files and directories. This variable cannot be changed at run time, preventing a compromised account from giving itself greater access to those file systems.

Install the PLUGIN manually

We recommend installing the plugin as part of the package. If needed, you can install this plugin manually. Copy the file to the mysql plugin installation directory and execute the following command:


Access privileges required

Only users with the ACCESS_PROCFS dynamic privilege can access the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCFS view. During the plugin startup, this dynamic privilege is registered with the server.

After the plugin installation, grant a user access to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCFS view by executing the following command:

GRANT ACCESS_PROCFS ON *.* TO 'user'@'host';


An SELinux policy or an AppArmor profile may prevent access to file locations needed by the ProcFS plugin, such as the ‘/proc/sys/fs/file-nr’ directory or any sub-directories or files under ‘/proc/irq/’. Either edit the policy or profile to ensure that the plugin has the necessary access. If the policy and profile do not allow access, the plugin may may have unexpected behavior.

For more information, see Working with SELinux and Working with AppArmor.

Using the ProcFS plugin

Authorized users can obtain information from individual files by specifying the exact file name within a WHERE clause. Files that are not included are ignored and considered not to exist.

All files that match the procfs_files_spec are opened, read, stored in memory, and, finally, returned to the client. It is critical to add a WHERE clause to return only specific files to limit the impact of the plugin on the server’s performance. A failure to use a WHERE clause can lead to lengthy query response times, high load, and high memory usage on the server. The WHERE clause can contain either an equality operator, the LIKE operator, or the IN operator. The LIKE operator limits file globbing. You can write file access patterns in the glob(7) style, such as /sys/block/sd[a-z]/stat;/proc/version\*

The following example returns the proc/version:




The schema definition of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCFS view is:

`FILE` varchar(1024) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',

Status variables provide the basic metrics:

Name Description
procfs_access_violations The number of attempted queries by users without the ACCESS_PROCFS privilege.
procfs_queries The number of queries made against the procfs view.
procfs_files_read The number of files read to provide content
procfs_bytes_read The number of bytes read to provide content



Option Description
Scope: Global
Dynamic: Yes
Read, Write, or Read-Only: Read-Only

The variable has been implemented in Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.25-14. The default value for procfs_files_spec is: /proc/cpuinfo;/proc/irq//;/proc/loadavg/proc/net/dev;/proc/net/sockstat;/proc/net/sockstat_rhe4;/proc/net/tcpstat;/proc/self/net/netstat;/proc/self/stat;/proc/self/io;/proc/self/numa_maps/proc/softirqs;/proc/spl/kstat/zfs/arcstats;/proc/stat;/proc/sys/fs/file-nr;/proc/version;/proc/vmstat

Enables access to the /proc and /sys directories and files. This variable is global, read only, and is set by using either the mysqld command line or by editing my.cnf.


The following limitations are:

  • Only first 60k of /proc/ /sys/ files are returned

  • The file name size is limited to 1k

  • The plugin cannot read files if path does not start from /proc or /sys

  • Complex WHERE conditions may force the plugin to read all configured files.

Uninstall plugin

The following statement removes the procfs plugin.


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Last update: 2023-09-27