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Encrypt the undo tablespace

The undo data may contain sensitive information about the database operations.

You can encrypt the data in an undo log using the innodb_undo_log_encrypt option. You can change the setting for this variable in the configuration file, as a startup parameter, or during runtime as a global variable. The undo data encryption must be enabled; the feature is disabled by default.


Option Description
Command-line –innodb_undo-log_encrypt
Scope Global
Dynamic Yes
Data type Boolean
Default OFF

Defines if the undo log data is encrypted. The default for the undo log is “OFF”, which disables the encryption.

You can create up to 127 undo tablespaces and you can, with the server running, add or reduce the number of undo tablespaces.


If you disable encryption, any encrypted undo data remains encrypted. To remove this data, and truncate the undo tablespace.

How to enable encryption on an undo log

You enable encryption for an undo log by adding the following to the my.cnf file:


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Last update: 2023-09-27