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Downgrade Percona Server for MySQL

A downgrade from Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 to 5.7 is not supported.

A downgrade from a Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 version to an earlier 8.0 version is not supported.

Percona does not test a downgrade operation between versions.

Each release of Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 can contain significant changes that are not backward-compatible. Restoring a backup to an earlier version may fail, for example, if your code uses a feature that does not exist in an earlier version.

Before you upgrade to the latest release, do the following:

  • Make a full backup of your data and test the backup

  • Thoroughly test in a staging environment

MySQL 8 Minor Version Upgrades Are ONE-WAY Only

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Last update: 2023-06-12