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Extended mysqldump

Backup locks support

When used together with the –single-transaction option, the lock-for-backup option makes mysqldump issue LOCK TABLES FOR BACKUP before starting the dump operation to prevent unsafe statements that would normally result in an inconsistent backup.

More information can be found on the Backup Locks feature documentation.

Compressed columns support

mysqldump supports the Compressed columns with dictionaries feature. More information about the relevant options can be found on the Compressed columns with dictionaries feature page.

Taking backup by descending primary key order

–order-by-primary-desc tells mysqldump to take the backup by descending primary key order (PRIMARY KEY DESC) which can be useful if the storage engine is using the reverse order column for a primary key.

RocksDB support

mysqldump detects when MyRocks is installed and available. If there is a session variable named rocksdb_skip_fill_cache mysqldump sets it to 1.

mysqldump will now automatically enable session the variable rocksdb_bulk_load if it is supported by the target server.

Version specific information

  • 8.0.12-1: The feature was ported from Percona Server for MySQL 5.7

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Last update: 2023-06-15