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Audit Log Filter file naming conventions

The feature is in tech preview.

Name qualities

The audit log filter file name has the following qualities:

  • Optional directory name
  • Base name
  • Optional suffix

Using either compression or encryption adds the following suffixes:

  • Compression adds the .gz suffix
  • Encryption adds the pwd_id.enc suffix

The pwd_id represents the password used for encrypting the log files. The audit log filter plugin stores passwords in the keyring.

You can combine compression and encryption, which adds both suffixes to the audit_filter.log name.

The following table displays the possible ways a file can be named:

Default name Enabled feature
audit.log No compression or encryption
audit.log.gz Compression
audit.log.pwd_id.enc Encryption
audit.log.gz.pwd_id.enc Compression, encryption

Encryption ID format

The format for pwd_id is the following:

  • A UTC value in YYYYMMDDThhmmss format that represents when the password was created
  • A sequence number that starts at 1 and increases if passwords have the same timestamp value

The following are examples of pwd_id values:


The following example is a list of the audit log filter files with the pwd_id:


The current password has the largest sequence number.

Renaming operations

During initialization, the plugin checks if a file with that name exists. If it does, the plugin renames the file. The plugin writes to an empty file.

During termination, the plugin renames the file.

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Last update: 2024-05-28