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Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.23-14 (2021-05-12)

Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.23-14 includes all the features and bug fixes available in MySQL 8.0.23 Community Edition in addition to enterprise-grade features developed by Percona.

New Features

  • PS-7364: The net_buffer_length status variable shows the buffer size of the current connection. Specify SHOW GLOBAL to see cumulative buffer size for all connections. For more information, see Adaptive Network Buffers.

  • PS-5364: Update the keyring_vault plugin to support KV Secrets Engine Version 2 (kv-v2) (Thanks to Andrey Prokofyev for reporting this issue)

  • PS-4894: Users can add calculated/virtual columns + index for the MyRocks storage engine.

  • PS-7125: Users can reconfigure the TLS certificate at runtime and reload the certificate to the X Plugin (Upstream #99895)

  • PS-7442: Add documentation for the MyRocks Information Schema Tables ROCKSDB_ACTIVE_COMPACTION_STATS and ROCKSDB_COMPACTION_HISTORY.

  • PS-7441: Add documentation for the RocksDB variable rocksdb_max_compaction_history and deprecated the strict_collation_check variable.

  • PS-7049: Update the SELinux profile and the AppArmor Policy, making these security features easier to implement for organizations.


  • PS-5846: Add support for the default value clause for the MyRocks storage engine. (Thanks to user denji for reporting this issue)

  • PS-6780: Optimize support for collations other than latin1/utf8 in MyRocks. This support allows MyRocks to reconstruct and return data directly from an index read.

Bugs Fixed

  • PS-1956: Update specific data types to 64-bit to make slow query logs more efficient.

  • PS-7593: If a transaction has executed, changing the tx-isolation level in a session is not honored and may cause service failure.

  • PS-7578: Fix the replication failure on Update when a replica server has a primary key and the source server does not.

  • PS-7498: Prevent the replication coordinator thread from being stuck due to the MASTER_DELAY while handling the partial relay log transactions. (Upstream #102647)

  • PS-7474: ROCKSDB: Row not retrieved when using character sets that do not support Secondary Key index-only scans.

  • PS-7618: Added the to the PS80 Repository(Thanks to user Mark Frost for reporting this issue).

  • PS-7098: MyRocks: ICP fails with character sets that do not support Secondary Key index-only scans, for example, utf8mb4. (Thanks to user denis for reporting this issue)

  • PS-4497: Incorrect option error message for mysqlbinlog.

  • PS-7617: In the Grant tables, the Timestamp column displays when the last change occurred to a user. In specific tables, the Timestamp column may be set to NULL.

  • PS-7566: Correct version matching in RPM spec changelog for PS packages

  • PS-7499: Improve the error log when MyRocks fails with rocksdb_validate_tables=1

  • PS-7495: Block Tablespace DDL with LOCK TABLES FOR BACKUP (Upstream #102175)

  • PS-7291: Run a variable value check when setting it with ‘set persist_only’

  • PS-7492: Update slow log formatting for tmp tables related stats

Known Issues

  • PS-7683: If you are upgrading MyRocks from 8.0.22 to 8.0.23, you must run the following commands to add the ROCKSDB_COMPACTION_HISTORY and ROCKSDB_COMPACTION_STATS tables:

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