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Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.31-34 (2020-08-24)

Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.31-34 includes all the features and bug fixes available in MySQL 5.7.31 Community Edition in addition to enterprise-grade features developed by Percona.

New Features

  • PS-7128: Document RocksDB variables: rocksdb_max_background_compactions, rocksdb_max_background_flushes, and rocksdb_max_bottom_pri_background_compactions


  • PS-7132: Make default value of rocksdb_wal_recovery_mode compatible with InnoDB

  • PS-7199: Add Coredumper functionality

  • PS-7114: Enhance crash artifacts (core dumps and stack traces) to provide additional information to the operator

Bugs Fixed

  • PS-7203: Fixed audit plugin memory leak on replicas when opening tables

  • PS-7043: Correct constant equality expression is used in LEFT JOIN condition by setting the ‘const_table’ flag together with setting the row as a NULL-row. (Upstream #99499)

  • PS-7212: Modify processing to binary compare in order to do native JSON comparison (Upstream #100307)

  • PS-7076: Modify to not update Cardinality after setting tokudb_cardinality_scale_percent

  • PS-7025: Fix reading ahead of insert buffer pages by dispatching of buffered AIO transfers (Upstream #100086)

  • PS-7010: Modify to Lock buffer blocks before sanity check in btr_cur_latch_leaves

  • PS-6995: Introduce a new optimizer switch to allow the user to reduce the cost of a range scan to determine best execution plan for Primary Key lookup

  • PS-5978: Remove unneeded check of variable to allow mysqld_safe support –numa-interleave (Thanks to user springlin for reporting this issue)

  • PS-7220: Fix activity counter update in purge coordinator and workers

  • PS-7234: Modify PS minimal tarballs to remove COPYING.AGPLv3

  • PS-7204: Add checks to linkingscript to correct failures in patchelf

  • PS-7075: Provide binary tarball with shared libs and glibc suffix

  • PS-7062: Modify ALTER INSTANCE ROTATE INNODB MASTER KEY to skip writing of redo for compressed encrypted temporary table.

  • PS-5263: Update handle_binlog_flush_or_sync_error() to set my_ok(thd) after thd->clear_error() to correct assert in THD::send_statement_status (Upstream #93770)

  • PS-4530: Add documentation that ps-admin removes jemalloc and THP settings on TokuDB uninstall

Last update: 2022-09-27