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Differences between Percona MyRocks and Facebook MyRocks

The original MyRocks was developed by Facebook and works with their implementation of MySQL. Percona MyRocks is a branch of MyRocks for Percona Server and includes the following differences from the original implementation:

Storage Engine Transaction isolation level
InnoDB Success Success
Facebook MyRocks Fail Success (MyRocks engine only; read-only, as all MyRocks engine snapshots)
Percona MyRocks Fail with any DML which would violate the read-only snapshot constraint Success (read-only snapshots independent of the engines in use)
  • Percona MyRocks includes the lz4 and zstd statically linked libraries.


The supported compression algorithms are the following:

Compression Algorithm Percona MyRocks Facebook MyRocks
Zlib Yes Yes
LZ4 Yes Yes
ZStd Yes Yes
None Yes Yes
Snappy No Yes
Bzip No Yes

Last update: 2022-09-27