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Development of Percona Server for MySQL

Percona Server for MySQL is an open source project to produce a distribution of the MySQL Server with improved performance, scalability and diagnostics.

Submitting Changes

We keep trunk in a constant state of stability to allow for a release at any time and to minimize wasted time by developers due to broken code.


At Percona we use Git for source control, GitHub for code hosting, and Jira for release management.

We change our software to implement new features and/or to fix bugs. Refactoring could be classed either as a new feature or a bug depending on the scope of work.

New features and bugs are targeted to specific releases. A release is part of a series. For example, 5.7 is a series in Percona XtraBackup and 5.7.15, 5.7.16 and 5.7.17 are releases in this series.

Code is proposed for merging in the form of pull requests on GitHub.

For Percona Server for MySQL, we have Git branches on which development occurs: 5.7, and 8.0. As Percona Server for MySQL is not a traditional project, instead of being a set of patches against an existing product, these branches are not related. In other words, we do not merge from one release branch to another. To have your changes in several branches, you must propose branches to each release branch.

Making a Change to a Project

In this case, we are going to use percona-xtrabackup as an example. The workflow is similar for Percona Server for MySQL, but the patch will need to be modified in all release branches of Percona Server for MySQL.

  • git branch (where ‘featureX’ is a sensible name for the task at hand)

  • (developer makes changes in featureX, testing locally)

  • The Developer pushes to

  • The developer can submit a pull request to,

  • Code undergoes a review

  • Once code is accepted, it can be merged

If the change also applies to a stable release (e.g. 2.4) then changes should be made on a branch of 2.4 and merged to a branch of trunk. In this case there should be two branches run through the param build and two merge proposals (one for the stable release and one with the changes merged to trunk). This prevents somebody else having to guess how to merge your changes.

Percona Server for MySQL

Percona Server for MySQL has the same process, but we have different branches and merge requests.

Last update: 2022-09-27