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Percona MyRocks Introduction

MyRocks is a storage engine for MySQL based on RocksDB, an embeddable, persistent key-value store. Percona MyRocks is an implementation for Percona Server.

The RocksDB store is based on the log-structured merge-tree (or LSM tree). It is optimized for fast storage and combines outstanding space and write efficiency with acceptable read performance. As a result, MyRocks has the following advantages compared to other storage engines, if your workload uses fast storage, such as SSD:

  • Requires less storage space

  • Provides more storage endurance

  • Ensures better IO capacity

  • Percona MyRocks Installation Guide

  • MyRocks Limitations

  • Differences between Percona MyRocks and Facebook MyRocks

  • MyRocks Server Variables

  • MyRocks Information Schema Tables

Last update: 2022-09-27