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Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.14-7 (2016-08-23)

Percona is glad to announce the GA (Generally Available) release of Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.14-7 on August 23rd, 2016 (Downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories).

Based on MySQL 5.7.13, including all the bug fixes in it, Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.14-7 is the current GA release in the Percona Server for MySQL 5.7 series. All of Percona’s software is open-source and free, all the details of the release can be found in the 5.7.14-7 milestone at Launchpad

New Features

Percona Server for MySQL Audit Log Plugin now supports filtering by user, database, and sql_command.

Percona Server for MySQL now supports tree map file block allocation strategy for TokuDB.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed the potential cardinality 0 issue for TokuDB tables if ANALYZE TABLE finds only deleted rows and no actual logical rows before it times out. Bug fixed #1607300 (#1006, #732).

TokuDB database.table.index names longer than 256 characters could cause server crash if background analyze table status was checked while running. Bug fixed #1005.

PAM Authentication Plugin would abort authentication while checking UNIX user group membership if there were more than a thousand members. Bug fixed #1608902.

If DROP DATABASE would fail to delete some of the tables in the database, the partially-executed command is logged in the binlog as DROP TABLE t1, t2, ... for the tables for which drop succeeded. A slave might fail to replicate such DROP TABLE statement if there exist foreign key relationships to any of the dropped tables and the slave has a different schema from master. Fix by checking, on the master, whether any of the database to be dropped tables participate in a Foreign Key relationship, and fail the DROP DATABASE statement immediately. Bug fixed #1525407 (upstream #79610).

PAM Authentication Plugin didn’t support spaces in the UNIX user group names. Bug fixed #1544443.

Due to security reasons ld_preload libraries can now only be loaded from the system directories (/usr/lib64, /usr/lib) and the MySQL installation base directory.

In the client library, any EINTR received during network I/O was not handled correctly. Bug fixed #1591202 (upstream #82019).

SHOW GLOBAL STATUS was locking more than the upstream implementation which made it less suitable to be called with high frequency. Bug fixed #1592290.

The included .gitignore in the percona-server source distribution had a line \*.spec, which means someone trying to check in a copy of the percona-server source would be missing the spec file required to build the RPMs. Bug fixed #1600051.

Audit Log Plugin did not transcode queries. Bug fixed #1602986.

If the changed page bitmap redo log tracking thread stops due to any reason, then shutdown will wait for a long time for the log tracker thread to quit, which it never does. Bug fixed #1606821.

Changed page tracking was initialized too late by InnoDB. Bug fixed #1612574.

Fixed stack buffer overflow if --ssl-cipher had more than 4000 characters. Bug fixed #1596845 (upstream #82026).

Audit Log Plugin events did not report the default database. Bug fixed #1435099.

Canceling the TokuDB Background ANALYZE TABLE job twice or while it was in the queue could lead to server assertion. Bug fixed #1004.

Fixed various spelling errors in comments and function names. Bug fixed #728 (Otto Kekäläinen)

Implemented a set of fixes to make PerconaFT build and run on the AArch64 (64-bit ARMv8) architecture. Bug fixed #726 (Alexey Kopytov).

Other bugs fixed: #1542874 (upstream #80296), #1610242, #1604462 (upstream #82283), #1604774 (upstream #82307), #1606782, #1607359, #1607606, #1607606, #1607671, #1609422, #1610858, #1612551, #1613663, #1613986, #1455430, #1455432, #1581195, #998, #1003, and #730.

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