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Use the proxysql alias to enable ProxySQL performance metrics monitoring.


pmm-admin add proxysql --username=pmm --password=pmm

where username and password are credentials for the administration interface of the monitored ProxySQL instance. You should configure a read-only account for monitoring using the admin-stats_credentials variable in ProxySQL

Additionally, two positional arguments can be appended to the command line flags: a service name to be used by PMM, and a service address. If not specified, they are substituted automatically as <node>-proxysql and

The output of this command may look as follows:

pmm-admin add proxysql --username=pmm --password=pmm
ProxySQL Service added.
Service ID  : /service_id/f69df379-6584-4db5-a896-f35ae8c97573
Service name: ubuntu-proxysql

Beside positional arguments shown above you can specify service name and service address with the following flags: --service-name, and --host (the hostname or IP address of the service) and --port (the port number of the service), or --socket (the UNIX socket path). If both flag and positional argument are present, flag gains higher priority. Here is the previous example modified to use these flags for both host/port or socket connections:

pmm-admin add proxysql --username=pmm --password=pmm --service-name=my-new-proxysql --host= --port=6032
pmm-admin add proxysql --username=pmm --password=pmm --service-name=my-new-proxysql --socket=/tmp/proxysql_admin.sock

Last update: 2023-03-24