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Percona Monitoring and Management 2.23.0

Date: October 21, 2021
Installation: Installing Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL performance.

Release Highlights

  • Grafana Upgrade Embedded Grafana version was upgraded from 7.5.7 to 7.5.11 to improve some Grafana instrumentation metrics. Also, the upgrade is delivering a security fix that impacted Grafana. Please upgrade to the latest version of PMM ASAP. Read more about CVE issue here

  • Backup Management (Technical preview):

    • An ability to view logs of the backup process for better visibility over the backup process
    • An ability to schedule Point-In-Time-Recoverable backup from MongoDB clusters with the correct configuration. Note: there is no UI to restore PITR for MongoDB at the moment. It will come with future releases, but it is possible to restore a PITR backup with Percona Backup for MongoDB manually
  • DBaaS (Technical preview): From this release on, PMM users who are using the DBaaS feature will be able to update versions of their DBaaS controlled Databases by the push of a button according to each DB’s compatibility matrix. Please note that we recently found a bug PMM-8723 that was causing significant problems with DBaaS usage. This bug was fixed in this release, and no additional actions will be required.

New Features

  • PMM-8269: Backup Management: Ability to schedule Point-In-Time-Recoverable backups for MongoDB
  • PMM-8159: Backup Management: Ability to see a logs of backup process for MongoDB
  • PMM-7519: Backup Management: Version compatibility check prior to attempted MySQL data restoration
  • PMM-8200: DBaaS: Admin can now initiate a DB version upgrade with just a button click
  • PMM-8273: Integrated Alerting: Alert templates delivery from for anonymous PMM servers


  • PMM-8973: Grafana upgrade from 7.5.7 to 7.5.11 Includes better Grafana instrumentation metrics and fix for CVE-2021-39226 (read more on Grafana blog)
  • PMM-8653: Added titles to Home Dashboard panels for better readability
  • PMM-8669: Integrated Alerting: Create a clearer distinction about using PMM Alerting as preferred method vs using an external Alertmanager
  • PMM-8539: Wrong Cluster Role presentation on MongoDB Cluster Summary
  • PMM-7559: Integrated Alerting: Improve error message when trying to delete a channel that is used by a rule
  • PMM-6763: Better color contrast in Time distribution in QAN details
  • PMM-5669: New flag –paths-base in pmm-agent to avoid problems with hard-coded paths. Please note: this is possible if you run pmm-agent separately from pmm-admin. The ability to specify base paths over pmm-admin is not yet implemented

Bugs Fixed

  • PMM-7985: Users were losing manually installed Grafana plugins after upgrade via Docker


    The issue is fixed automatically since 2.23.0 version forward. For the upgrades from versions before 2.23.0 please backup plugins first.

  • PMM-8767: Copied dashboards with tags were ending up in unexpected folder after upgrade

  • PMM-8635: MyRocks WAL panel from MySQL MyRocks Details Dashboard presented data in wrong units
  • PMM-8527: Dashboards: ProxySQL/HAProxy DB Conns, DB QPS, DB uptime metrics were missing on Home dashboard panels
  • PMM-8749: Adding more than 1 mongos was breaking MongoDB Cluster Summary dashboard
  • PMM-8004: Fixed broken metrics reporting in case of lost connection to MongoDB. (Thanks to Álvaro López López for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-8489: Failed to get topology labels when target server is mongos
  • PMM-6877: Fixed error flooding from when monitoring mongos (Thanks to Clyde Shillingford for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-8851: Can’t monitor GCP Cloud SQL or other PostgreSQL with custom SSL certificates (Thanks to Jyoti Prakash for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-8646: PostgreSQL services monitoring was stalled after intermittent connection latency
  • PMM-8723: PMM wouldn’t restart DBaaS functionality and would break it after upgrade via UI. Affecting versions starting from 2.17.0

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