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Percona Monitoring and Management 2.21.0

Date: August 26, 2021
Installation: Installing Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL performance.

Release Highlights:

  • Custom certificates support: We have added support for custom TLS certificates for remote monitoring of PostgreSQL and MongoDB services, configurable on the command line with pmm-admin or through the UI.

  • Backup scheduling with retention (Technical Preview): When scheduling a backup you can now specify how many of the most recent backups to keep. Backups not in this range are automatically deleted to free space for new ones.

  • New supported versions:

    • DBaaS functionality now supports Kubernetes Operator for MongoDB version 1.9.0.
    • PMM Client packages now support Debian 11 (“Bullseye”).

New Features

  • PMM-8158: Backup Management: Delete option β€” When deleting a backup from Backup Management inventory a new option lets you also delete the data file from storage.
  • PMM-8156: Backup Management: Retention β€” You can now define how many of the most recent scheduled backups to keep.
  • PMM-8214: Ability to collect Kubernetes cluster metrics β€” Collection only, metrics are not currently presented on any PMM dashboard.
  • PMM-7477: Support custom TLS certificates when monitoring remote MongoDB instances
  • PMM-7888: Custom TLS certificates now allow SSL connections to PostgreSQL instances (Thanks to Jyoti Prakash for reporting this issue)


  • PMM-8267: Backup Management: Active progress indicator
  • PMM-8549: Backup Management: Show loading status on delete window
  • PMM-8542: Backup Management: Inform that times should be entered in UTC timezone format
  • PMM-8316: DBaaS: PSMDB 1.9 operator support β€”For what’s new see release notes.
  • PMM-7612: Integrated Alerting: Validate communication settings ‘From’ email address format
  • PMM-7570: Specify Custom Basic Auth password for Agents when adding Services
  • PMM-8560: Add support for Debian 11 (“Bullseye”) to pmm-client package
  • PMM-7087: Rename custom query file to example-queries-postgres.yml and include warning that the file will be overwritten on upgrade; user should create a copy with a new name to prevent losing metrics collection on future upgrades. (Thanks to Daniel Guzman Burgos for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-8568: Use latest CentOS patches for creating OVA, AMI and Azure images
  • PMM-5291: Update ClickHouse version from to 21.3-lts
  • PMM-8091: Collect and present additional ProxySQL metrics taken from runtime_mysql_servers table

Bugs Fixed

  • PMM-8616: Backup Management: No ‘Delete from storage’ action on backup inventory
  • PMM-8543: Backups are not visible after PMM Server upgrade
  • PMM-8458: Backup Management: Inconsistent auto-fill of ‘Vendor’ field with on-demand backup
  • PMM-8404: Dashboard image rendering plugin renders image that includes error message
  • PMM-7286: Query Analytics can’t handle colon character (:) in service names (Thanks to Daniel Guzman Burgos for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-7278: mongo_exporter fails to authorize when MongoDB running with authMechanism=MONGODB-X509 (Thanks to Lena D for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-8307: Default configuration limits for allowed connections prevents monitoring large numbers (500+) of DB servers
  • PMM-2168: rds_exporter not stopped when all RDS instances are removed or disabled
  • PMM-8219: PMM Server update panel “Current version” empty if no internet connectivity
  • PMM-8559: Unauthorized error appears while logging in

Known Issues

  • Failure to upgrade when using a dashboard with custom tags.


In some cases users may not be able to complete the upgrade to 2.21.0 and we have linked this back to dashboards with custom tags. This is to be fixed in our upcoming 2.22.0 release but there are steps (more in the ticket) that you can take if you’re already impacted by this:

curl -LJOs
docker cp pmm-server:/usr/share/percona-dashboards/
docker exec -it pmm-server chmod a+x /usr/share/percona-dashboards/

Get expert help

If you need assistance, visit the community forum for comprehensive and free database knowledge, or contact our Percona Database Experts for professional support and services.