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Percona Monitoring and Management 2.19.0

Date: June 30, 2021
Installation: Installing Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL performance.

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Release Highlights

  • Backup Management can now be enabled from the UI. Go to Configuration SettingsAdvanced Settings, and you will see it in the Technical Preview section. We also added support for MongoDB services on-demand backup and restore. For now, it only supports ReplicaSet on S3-compatible storage.

  • Dashboards improvements

    • There are several community-driven improvements to ProxySQL data collection, with new dashboards to expose such metrics like: Queries Latency histograms and SHUNNED_REPLICATION_LAG state.

    • Fixes for Amazon Aurora service detection on the dashboard, MongoDB ReplicaSet Summary, and other MongoDB memory-related panels.

  • Improvements to DBaaS secrets by generating strong passwords for operators. This is an improvement to the Automated Operator Installation released in PMM 2.18, which will greatly enhance security.

New Features

  • PMM-7639: Backup Management: Ability to remove Backup Location even if there are some backup artifacts on it
  • PMM-7567: Backup Management: Simple backup for MongoDB ReplicaSet
  • PMM-7568: Backup Management: Simple restore for MongoDB ReplicaSet


  • PMM-8112: Dashboards: Collect and present histograms from ProxySQL on Queries Latency dashboard (Thanks to foosinn for helping with this improvement)
  • PMM-8081: Dashboards: Add collection and presentation for SHUNNED_REPLICATION_LAG state to proxysql_connection_pool_status (Thanks to spaceform for helping with this improvement)
  • PMM-7584: Components Upgrade: VictoriaMetrics 1.53.1 to 1.60.0
  • PMM-8001: Better error handling when pg_stat_monitor is an unsupported version
  • PMM-7659: DBaaS: Ability to specify the type of connection for DBaaS cluster during DB Cluster creation
  • PMM-7828: DBaaS: Select Database Type by default if only one operator is installed
  • PMM-8153: Backup Management: Disable ‘Restore’ button for backups whose service has been deleted

Bugs Fixed

  • PMM-7194: ‘Share with Percona’ option doesn’t export data from collapsed panels
  • PMM-8060: User cannot add remote instances after OVF/AMI upgrade (previously was Known Issue)
  • PMM-7104: Slowlog rotation by pmm-agent causing additional unexpected rotation of binary logs (Thanks to Arthur Tokarchuk for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-8125: Error of monitoring GCP based PostgreSQL because of internal database cloudsqladmin
  • PMM-6778: Can’t specify custom labels during node addition/configuration
  • PMM-8090: Multi-request protection breaks metrics gathering (Thanks to Francisco Miguel Biete for fixing this bug)
  • PMM-5248: InnoDB TableSpace data is not collected for Percona Server 8
  • PMM-4665: User’s log file contains error messages about TokuDB and heartbeat despite not being used
  • PMM-8014: Error when adding Amazon RDS MySQL with TLS over API
  • PMM-3352: Low file descriptors limit (1024) with AMI or OVF images causes errors
  • PMM-7948: pmm-admin list reports the wrong Node for External Services
  • PMM-6295: Unclear/Incorrect statuses of the pmm-agent when Agent or PMM server went down (Thanks to Mikhail Solovyev for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-5917: pmm-agent moves slow logs without checking privileges
  • PMM-8021: “Query Analytics” misspelled on left side menu
  • PMM-5283: Inconsistency with lengths of Example and Fingerprints in Query Analytics
  • PMM-8121: Error message and help for “Remove Service” command is not helpful
  • PMM-8196: Additional spaces in email/passwords fields on Sign up/Login pages causes Authentication problems
  • PMM-8009: Long First/Last names causes errors when used in Register/Login form
  • PMM-8220: Dashboards: Active Time Series Changes on Victoria Metrics dashboard report no data
  • PMM-8202: Dashboards: No Amazon Aurora services are available on MySQL Amazon Aurora Details dashboard for selection
  • PMM-8085: Dashboards: Wrong units are used in MongoDB dashboards on memory-related panels
  • PMM-7154: Dashboards: No data on some panels from MongoDB ReplSet Summary dashboard
  • PMM-8115: DBaaS: Delete PSMDB cluster action takes too long
  • PMM-7737: DBaaS: Replace all default passwords in operator secrets during installation
  • PMM-7970: DBaaS: Confusing message for Cluster name pattern on DB Cluster creation screen
  • PMM-7755: DBaaS: Clusters with longer name not initializing
  • PMM-7528: DBaaS: Error after Kubernetes cluster destroyed or removed externally to DBaaS
  • PMM-8013: Backup Management: Unable to get Backup Artifact list after Service removal

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