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Percona Monitoring and Management 2.18.0

Date: June 1, 2021
Installation: Installing Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL performance.

Release Highlights

The goal for this small release was to eliminate a lot of bugs and complete some features.

  • DBaaS

    Added the ability for PMM to install the latest versions of the K8s operator into the K8s cluster. There is no longer any need to install the operator manually. Just connect PMM to your K8s cluster and let PMM do the rest.

  • Backup Management

    Backup functionality was released as a Technical Preview feature and will require specific prerequisites from the user side to be installed. Currently, PMM will allow you to:

    • manage storage for backups (S3 only);
    • execute a backup for MySQL and Mongo instances;
    • restore a MySQL backup to the same instance from where it was taken (via the UI).

    Restore in other cases is not yet implemented on the UI.

New Features

  • PMM-7509: Integrated Alerting: Pagination for Alerts list


  • PMM-8029: DBaaS: PSMDB 1.8 operator support
  • PMM-7548: Integrated Alerting: Disable edit and delete buttons for templates manually staged by user directly on the file system

Bugs Fixed

  • PMM-8053: Better error handling for non-admins who try to access the settings page
  • PMM-7941: Wrong replication status for MongoDB Replica Set
  • PMM-7302: Webhook usage with max_alerts attribute for Alertmanager configuration causes errors for PMM
  • PMM-7224: Instance Overview dashboards behave inconsistently
  • PMM-6864: MongoDB Oplog Recovery Window dashboard is broken (Thanks to Clyde Shillingford for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-7910: MongoDB Query metrics stops being collected if the cursor is failed once (Thanks to Yann Rouillard for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-6451: Passing parameters between Query Analytics and Dashboards is broken
  • PMM-5368: Unclear message “Failed to get PMM Server parameter” after configuration (Thanks to Martin Wittwer for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-5135: Query Example is often empty for MySQL 8+ (Thanks to Mikhail Solovyev for reporting this issue)
  • PMM-8083: Better configuration file checking during configuration
  • PMM-7958: Databases cannot be deleted while PostgreSQL is being monitored
  • PMM-6553: Slow log size units are not defined in help
  • PMM-5931: Graph and values in Query Analytics are identical for TOTAL and case when data is Not Available
  • PMM-5538: Heavy Load with Distinct Queries on Slowlog enabled could cause no data being reported
  • PMM-8095: The link to the Community section in the PMM footer is broken
  • PMM-7982: Query Analytics: Sorting element for the columns is hard to access
  • PMM-6676: Terms and Privacy pages opened in the current tab complicates registration process
  • PMM-6552: Do not register with server if configuration file fails to create on client
  • PMM-6505: Inconsistent style for error messages on Add RDS instance page.
  • PMM-8069: Integrated Alerting: Alert template now accepts .yaml extension in addition to .yml when manually staging on the file system
  • PMM-7673: Integrated Alerting: Actions column is transparent
  • PMM-7916: DBaaS: Wrong required resources when editing a cluster
  • PMM-7753: DBaaS: Edit DB Cluster shows wrong values by default
  • PMM-7184: DBaaS: Connection column showing different values after deleting DB cluster
  • PMM-8088: DBaaS: In case of error, the kubeconfig file is left in the system

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