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Percona Monitoring and Management 2.17.0

Date: May 11, 2021
Installation: Installing Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL performance.

Release Highlights

  • Custom certificates help define proper security levels for remotely monitored MySQL instances, including Google Cloud SQL.

  • Usability improvements to the External Monitoring UI. When filling parameters, you can enter the parts of an endpoint (scheme, host, path) or let PMM automatically extract them from a URL.

  • pg_stat_monitor 0.9.0 support. This change will give you compatibility with the latest version. Support for new features will be in an upcoming release.

  • Single-line install of PMM Server on supported Linux distributions (this feature is in Technical Preview).

  • DBaaS Changes: (this feature is in Technical Preview)

    • It is easier to experience DBaaS functionality; you can quickly turn it ON/OFF in Advanced settings on the Settings page. (Read more)
    • Database components management will enable PMM administrators to limit users in your organization to specific (admin-approved) database versions in their DBaaS DB Clusters.
    • For PXC clusters created using DBaaS, HAProxy will now be used by default. Please note: Monitoring of the HAProxy in DBaaS will be enabled in an upcoming release.
  • Changes to Sign in to Percona Platform. From this release, Registration of the Percona account will be more secure and require additional confirmation.

New Features

  • PMM-7863: DBaaS: Ability to specify in K8s configuration the version of HAProxy to be used for DB creation
  • PMM-7848, PMM-7847, PMM-7421: Add support for using SSL certificates between pmm-admin and monitored MySQL databases
  • PMM-7883: Single-line install of PMM Server on supported Linux distributions - [Technical Preview]
  • PMM-7013, PMM-7819: DBaaS: Use HAProxy by default instead of ProxySQL for MySQL DB clusters
  • PMM-7356, PMM-7581: DBaaS: Management of available versions of DB components
  • PMM-7358, PMM-7576: DBaaS: Management of default versions of DB components


  • PMM-7572: Add TLS options to mysqld_exporter
  • PMM-7783: Support of pg_stat_monitor 0.9.0
  • PMM-7064: Integrated Alerting: Presenting severity of the Alert Rule using different colors
  • PMM-7946: Better error message on PMM client if server doesn’t support HAProxy
  • PMM-7932: Usability improvements on UI for adding External Services
  • PMM-7641, PMM-7820: Add DBaaS to Technical Preview section and allow user to Enable/Disable via UI
  • PMM-7966: Telemetry: Collect enabled/disabled status for Integrated Alerting and Security Threat Tool features

Bugs Fixed

  • PMM-7911: DBaaS: Invalid Number of Nodes results in an annoying error message pop-up
  • PMM-7884: DBaaS: Fix DB Cluster tab loading
  • PMM-7917: PostgreSQL exporter has high CPU usage during Restart
  • PMM-8037: User can create a Percona Platform account without proper confirmation
  • PMM-7702: DBaaS: Cannot edit already-created PSMDB clusters
  • PMM-7991: MySQL Summary panel doesn’t exist on MySQL Summary dashboard
  • PMM-7939: Inconsistent format of version reporting in pmm-admin
  • PMM-7920: PostgreSQL Exporter has increased memory usage with pmm-client 2.15.1 & pmm-server 2.16.0
  • PMM-7700: Integrated Alerting: Rule API crashing with more than two parameters or invalid values
  • PMM-7616: Integrated Alerting: Incorrect title of the page in a browser
  • PMM-7396: Integrated Alerting: Alerts tab error if user deletes Alert Rule which has Firing alerts

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