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Improving PMM Performance with Table Statistics Options

If a MySQL instance has a lot of schemas or tables, there are two options to help improve the performance of PMM when adding instances with pmm-admin add:

  • --disable-tablestats, or,
  • --disable-tablestats-limit.


  • These settings are only for adding an instance. To change them, you must remove and re-add the instances.
  • Only one of these options can be used when adding an instance.

Disable per-table statistics for an instance

When adding an instance with pmm-admin add, the --disable-tablestats option disables table statistics collection when there are more than the default number (1000) of tables in the instance.


pmm-admin add mysql --disable-tablestats

Change the number of tables beyond which per-table statistics is disabled

When adding an instance with pmm-admin add, the --disable-tablestats-limit option changes the number of tables (from the default of 1000) beyond which per-table statistics collection is disabled.


pmm-admin add mysql --disable-tablestats-limit=<LIMIT>


Add a MySQL instance, disabling per-table statistics collection when the number of tables in the instance reaches 2000.

pmm-admin add mysql --disable-tablestats-limit=2000

Last update: 2023-03-24