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MySQL backup prerequisites

Before creating MySQL backups, make sure to:

  1. Check that Backup Management is enabled and the Backup option is available on the side menu. If Backup Managemt has been disabled on your instance, go to Configuration > PMM Settings > Advanced Settings, re-enable Backup Management then click Apply changes. !!! caution alert alert-warning “Important” If PMM Server runs as a Docker container, enable backup features at container creation time by adding -e ENABLE_BACKUP_MANAGEMENT=1 to your docker run command.

  2. Check that the PMM Client is installed and running on the node.

  3. To enable Xtrabackup for MySQL 8.0+, check that pmm-agent connects to MySQL with a user that has BACKUP_ADMIN privilege.

  4. Check that there is only one MySQL instance running on the node.

  5. Verify that MySQL is running:

    • as a service via systemd;

    • with the name mysql or mysqld (to confirm, use systemctl status mysql or systemctl status mysqld respectively);

    • from a mysql system user account.

  6. Make sure that there is a mysql system group.

  7. Check that MySQL is using the /var/lib/mysql directory for database storage.

  8. Make sure that pmm-agent has read/write permissions to the /var/lib/mysql directory.

  9. Check that the latest versions of the following packages are installed and included in the $PATH environment variable:


The versions of each must be compatible with the installed version of MySQL.

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Last update: 2024-05-27