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PMM components and versions

The following table lists all the PMM client/server components and their versions:

Component Version Documentation Repository
Grafana 9.1 Grafana Documentation Github Grafana
VictoriaMetrics 1.77.1 VictoriaMetrics Documentation Github VictoriaMetrics
Nginx 1.20.1 Nginx Documentation Github Nginx
Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 14.5 Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 14 Documentation
Clickhouse ClickHouse Documentation Documentation Github ClickHouse
PerconaToolkit 3.4.0 Percona Toolkit Documentation Github Percona Toolkit
Alertmanager 0.22.0 Alertmanager Documentation Github Alertmanager
MongoDB exporter 0.34.0 Github percona/mongodb_exporter
RDS exporter 0.7.2 Github percona/rds_exporter
MySQL exporter v0.14.0 and Percona changes MySQL Server Exporter Documentation Github Prometheus MySQL Exporter
Node exporter v1.3.1 and Percona changes Node Exporter Documentation Github node exporter
Azure exporter 2.30.0 Github azure_metrics_exporter

Last update: 2022-11-23