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UI components


  1. Main menu (also Grafana menu, side menu)
  2. Navigation bar
  3. View controls
  4. View selectors (dynamic contents)
  5. Shortcut menu (dynamic contents)

The main menu is part of the Grafana framework and is visible on every page.

Item (Top) Name Description
Home Link to home dashboard.
Search Search dashboards by name.
Create Create dashboards or folders, import dashboards.
Dashboards Manage dashboards, create playlists, manage snapshots.
PMM Dashboards Replacement for shortcut menu.
Explore Run queries with PromQL.
Alerting Alerting, Integrated Alerting, Alert Rules, Notification Channels.
Server Admin
Backup Management Backup management and storage location configuration.
PMM Database Checks


The DBaaS icon appears only if a server feature flag has been set.

The Backup Management icon appears when Backup Management is activated in Configuration SettingsAdvanced Settings.

Icon (Bottom) Description
(Profile icon) User menu

Common page elements top row

Item (left) Description
(Display only.)
(Name) / (Optional) Folder name.
(Name) Dashboard name.
Mark as favorite.
Share dashboard.

View controls

Item (right) Description
Dashboard settings.
Cycle view mode.
(time range) Time range selector.
Time range zoom out.
Refresh dashboard.
(Time interval) Refresh period.

View selectors

This menu bar is context sensitive; it changes according to the page you are on. (With wide menus on small screens, items may wrap to the next row.)

Item Description
Interval Data interval.
Region Filter by region.
Environment Filter by environment.
Cluster Filter by cluster.
Replication Set Filter by replication set.
Node Name Filter by node name.
Service Name Filter by service name.
PMM Annotations View annotations.

Shortcut menu

This menu contains shortcuts to other dashboards. The list changes according to the page you’re on.

This menu will be removed in future releases. Its function will be replaced by the PMM Dashboards main menu entry.

Item Description
Home Home dashboard.
Query Analytics Query Analytics.
Compare Nodes compare.
(Service Type) Service type menu (see Services menu]).
HA HA dashboards.
Services Services menu.
PMM PMM menu.


The Compare menu links to the Instances Overview dashboard for the current service type.

Services menu

The Services menu choice determines the Service Type menu.

Menu Item Service type menu Description
MongoDB Instances Overview MongoDB MongoDB dashboards.
MySQL Instances Overview MySQL MySQL dashboards.
Nodes Overview OS OS dashboards.
PostgreSQL Instances Overview PostgreSQL PostgreSQL dashboards.

PMM menu

This item lists shortcuts to utility pages.

Menu Item
PMM Add Instance
PMM Database Checks
PMM Inventory
PMM Settings

Last update: 2022-05-23