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Category Dashboard Elements
Kubernetes Kubernetes Cluster Summary 7
Kubernetes Kubernetes Pods Status 26
Kubernetes Kubernetes Volumes 57
Insight Advanced Data Exploration 7
Insight Home Dashboard 26
Insight Prometheus Exporter Status 57
Insight Prometheus Exporters Overview 27
Insight VictoriaMetrics 52
Insight VictoriaMetrics Agents Overview 58
PMM Environment Overview 0
PMM Environment Summary 0
DBaaS DB Cluster Summary 0
OS CPU Utilization Details 21
OS Disk Details 34
OS Network Details 70
OS Memory Details 116
OS Node Temperature Details 6
OS Nodes Compare 74
OS Nodes Overview 115
OS Node Summary 67
OS NUMA Details 72
OS Processes Details 35
Prometheus Prometheus Exporter Status 57
Prometheus Prometheus Exporters Overview 27
MySQL MySQL Amazon Aurora Details 20
MySQL MySQL Command/Handler Counters Compare 11
MySQL MySQL InnoDB Compression Details 41
MySQL MySQL InnoDB Details 339
MySQL MySQL MyISAM/Aria Details 55
MySQL MySQL MyRocks Details 101
MySQL MySQL Instance Summary 90
MySQL MySQL Instances Compare 70
MySQL MySQL Instances Overview 96
MySQL MySQL Wait Event Analyses Details 42
MySQL MySQL Performance Schema Details 48
MySQL MySQL Query Response Time Details 49
MySQL MySQL Replication Summary 50
MySQL MySQL Group Replication Summary 18
MySQL MySQL Table Details 45
MySQL MySQL User Details 62
MongoDB Experimental MongoDB Collection Overview 100
MongoDB Experimental MongoDB Collection Details 100
MongoDB Experimental MongoDB Oplog Details 100
MongoDB MongoDB Cluster Summary 55
MongoDB MongoDB Instance Summary 42
MongoDB MongoDB Instances Compare 19
MongoDB MongoDB ReplSet Summary 130
MongoDB MongoDB InMemory Details 46
MongoDB MongoDB MMAPv1 Details 52
MongoDB MongoDB WiredTiger Details 54
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Instances Overview 114
PostgreSQL Experimental PostgreSQL Vacuum Monitoring 114
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Instance Summary 67
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Instances Compare 89
ProxySQL ProxySQL Instance Summary 55
High-availability PXC/Galera Node Summary 32
High-availability PXC/Galera Cluster Summary 19
High-availability Experimental PXC/Galera Cluster Summary 7
High-availability PXC/Galera Nodes Compare 55
High-availability HAProxy Instance Summary 113

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Last update: 2024-05-02