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Network Details


Last Hour Statistic

This section reports the inbound speed, outbound speed, traffic errors and drops, and retransmit rate.

Network Traffic

This section contains the Network traffic and network utilization hourly metrics.

Network Traffic Details

This section offers the following metrics:

  • Network traffic by packets
  • Network traffic errors
  • Network traffic drop
  • Network traffic multicast

Network Netstat TCP

This section offers the following metrics:

  • Timeout value used for retransmitting
  • Min TCP retransmission timeout
  • Max TCP retransmission timeout
  • Netstat: TCP
  • TCP segments

Network Netstat UDP

In this section, you can find the following metrics:

  • Netstat: UDP
  • UDP Lite

The graphs in the UDP Lite metric give statistics about:

InDatagrams : Packets received

OutDatagrams : Packets sent

InCsumErrors : Datagrams with checksum errors

InErrors : Datagrams that could not be delivered to an application

RcvbufErrors : Datagrams for which not enough socket buffer memory to receive

SndbufErrors : Datagrams for which not enough socket buffer memory to transmit

NoPorts : Datagrams received on a port with no listener


This section has the following metrics:

  • ICMP Errors
  • Messages/Redirects
  • Echos
  • Timestamps/Mask Requests

ICMP Errors

InErrors : Messages which the entity received but determined as having ICMP-specific errors (bad ICMP checksums, bad length, etc.)

OutErrors : Messages which this entity did not send due to problems discovered within ICMP, such as a lack of buffers

InDestUnreachs : Destination Unreachable messages received

OutDestUnreachs : Destination Unreachable messages sent

InType3 : Destination unreachable

OutType3 : Destination unreachable

InCsumErrors : Messages with ICMP checksum errors

InTimeExcds : Time Exceeded messages received


InMsgs : Messages which the entity received. Note that this counter includes all those counted by icmpInErrors

InRedirects : Redirect messages received

OutMsgs : Messages which this entity attempted to send. Note that this counter includes all those counted by icmpOutErrors

OutRedirects : Redirect messages sent. For a host, this object will always be zero, since hosts do not send redirects


InEchoReps : Echo Reply messages received

InEchos : Echo (request) messages received

OutEchoReps : Echo Reply messages sent

OutEchos : Echo (request) messages sent

Timestamps/Mask Requests

InAddrMaskReps : Address Mask Reply messages received

InAddrMasks : Address Mask Request messages received

OutAddrMaskReps : Address Mask Reply messages sent

OutAddrMasks : Address Mask Request messages sent

InTimestampReps : Timestamp Reply messages received

InTimestamps : Timestamp Request messages received

OutTimestampReps : Timestamp Reply messages sent

OutTimestamps : Timestamp Request messages sent

Last update: 2022-11-23