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MySQL Table Details


Largest Tables

Largest Tables by Row Count
The estimated number of rows in the table from information_schema.tables.
Largest Tables by Size
The size of the table components from information_schema.tables.


Total Database Size
The total size of the database: as data + index size, so freeable one.
Most Fragmented Tables by Freeable Size
The list of 5 most fragmented tables ordered by their freeable size

Table Activity

The next two graphs are available only for Percona Server and MariaDB and require userstat variable turned on.

Rows read

The number of rows read from the table, shown for the top 5 tables.

Rows Changed

The number of rows changed in the table, shown for the top 5 tables.

Auto Increment Usage

The current value of an auto_increment column from information_schema, shown for the top 10 tables.

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Last update: 2024-06-12