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Home Dashboard


The Home Dashboard is a high-level overview of your environment, the starting page of the PMM portal from which you can open the tools of PMM, and browse to online resources.

On the PMM home page, you can also find the version number and a button to update your PMM Server.

General Information

This section contains links to online resources, such as PMM documentation, releases notes, and blogs.

Shared and Recently Used Dashboards

This section is automatically updated to show the most recent dashboards that you worked with. It also contains the dashboards that you have bookmarked.


This section shows the total number of hosts added to PMM and the total number of database instanced being monitored. This section also current the version number. Use the Check for Updates Manually button to see if you are using the most recent version of PMM.

Environment Overview

This section lists all added hosts along with essential information about their performance. For each host, you can find the current values of the following metrics:

  • CPU Busy
  • Memory Available
  • Disk Reads
  • Disk Writes
  • Network IO
  • DB Connections
  • DB QPS
  • Virtual CPUs
  • RAM
  • Host Uptime
  • DB Uptime

Last update: 2022-05-30