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Experimental Home Dashboard


The experimental Home Dashboard provides a high level view of your environment.

This new Home Dashboard displays data that is organized in panels as given below.


This panel lists all added hosts along with essential information about their performance. For each host, you can find the current values of the following metrics:

  • CPU Busy
  • Memory Available
  • Disk Reads
  • Disk Writes
  • Network IO
  • DB Connections
  • DB QPS
  • Virtual CPUs
  • RAM
  • Host Uptime
  • DB Uptime

Anomaly Detection

This panel lists all the anomalies such as:

  • CPU anomalies
  • High CPU servers
  • Disk Queue anomalies
  • High disk queue

Command Center

This panel provides critical information such as CPU utlization, memory utilization, anomalies, read and write latency, etc., for your environment.

Service Summary

This panel provides the following information for the services being monitored:

  • DB connections
  • DB QPS (Query per sec)
  • DB uptime

Last update: 2022-11-08