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Percona Server for MongoDB 6.0.9-7 (2023-09-14)


Percona Server for MongoDB 6.0.9-7 is an enhanced, source-available, and highly-scalable database that is a fully-compatible, drop-in replacement for MongoDB 6.0.9 Community Edition.

It is based on MongoDB 6.0.9 Community edition and supports the upstream protocols and drivers.


We don’t recommend this version for production use due to the issue with routing sharding time series collections SERVER-80203 which could result in metadata inconsistency. The routing issue is observed when documents have the shard key containing the embedded object composed of multiple fields.

The issue affects time series sharded collections starting in MongoDB version 5.0.6 through versions 5.0.21, 6.0.11 and 7.0.2. It is fixed upstream in versions 5.0.22, 6.0.12 and 7.0.4 and included in Percona Server for MongoDB 5.0.22-19, 6.0.12-9 and 7.0.4-2.

If you are using time series collections, upgrade to the fixed version of MongoDB / Percona Server for MongoDB as soon as possible and follow closely the upstream recommendations outlined in SERVER-80203 for remediation steps.

Release Highlights

Improvements and bug fixes, provided by MongoDB and included in Percona Server for MongoDB are the following:

  • SERVER-60466 - Fixed the flow for converting a replica set into a sharded cluster b adding support for the drivers to communicate the signed $clusterTimes to shardsvr replica set before and after the addShard command is run
  • SERVER-74954 - Fixed the issue with the incorrect output for the query where the $or operator rewrites the $elemMatch extra condition.
  • SERVER-79136 - Blocked the $group min/max rewrite in timestamp if there is a non-meta filter.
  • WT-10759 - During reconciliation do not retry to forcibly evict the page.

Find the full list of new features and improvements in the release notes for MongoDB 6.0.9 Community edition.

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