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Percona Server for MongoDB 6.0.2-1 (2022-10-31)

Release date October 31, 2022
Installation Installing Percona Backup for MongoDB

We are pleased to announce the availability of Percona Server for MongoDB (PSMDB) 6.0.2-1 – the new major version of the source available, drop-in replacement of MongoDB 6.0 Community edition. It is available for download from Percona website and for installation from Percona Software Repositories.

Percona Server for MongoDB 6.0.2-1 fully supports MongoDB 6.0 protocols and drivers and does not require any code modifications.


We don’t recommend this version for production use due to the issue with routing sharding time series collections SERVER-80203 which could result in metadata inconsistency. The routing issue is observed when documents have the shard key containing the embedded object composed of multiple fields.

The issue affects time series sharded collections starting in MongoDB version 5.0.6 through versions 5.0.21, 6.0.11 and 7.0.2. It is fixed upstream in versions 5.0.22, 6.0.12 and 7.0.4 and included in Percona Server for MongoDB 5.0.22-19, 6.0.12-9 and 7.0.4-2.

If you are using time series collections, upgrade to the fixed version of MongoDB / Percona Server for MongoDB as soon as possible and follow closely the upstream recommendations outlined in SERVER-80203 for remediation steps.

Release Highlights

If you install Percona Server for MongoDB from tarballs, you must install mongosh from a separate tarball.

Percona Server for MongoDB 6.0.2-1 includes all the features of MongoDB 6.0.2 Community Edition, among which are the following:

  • Enhanced time series collections enable you to:

    • Get deeper data analysis insights by building compound and secondary indexes on time, metadata and measurement fields.

    • Distribute the load among nodes in the cluster by sharding new and existing time series collections.

    • Benefit from faster reads and improved performance by applying the sorting on the most recent entry instead of the whole collection.

  • The following change streams optimizations help you enhance your event-driven solutions:

    • Improve in-app notifications, reference deleted documents or feed the updated version of the entire doc to the downstream system using the before and after states of a document that was changed.

    • React not only to data changes but also to database change events like creating or dropping of collections with the Data Definition Language (DDL) support.

  • New aggregation stages like $densify, $documents, $fill and operators like $bottom, $firstN, $lastN, $maxN / $minN and others enable you to off load work from your developers to the database. These operators allow automating key commands, getting required data insights by combining individual operators into aggregation pipelines. As a result, your developers spend less time on writing complex code or manipulating data manually and can focus on other activities.

  • Cluster-wide configuration parameters and commands save your DBAs’ time on cluster administration.

  • The Stable API (formerly known as versioned API) features the extended set of new database commands and aggregation operators which enables you to improve communication of your apps and MongoDB.

  • Speed up data processing and save on storage costs with clustered collections. Clustered collections don’t require secondary indexes and thus, result in faster queries. A single read/write for the index and the document improves performance for inserts, updates, deletes and queries. With less storage space required by clustered connections, bulk updates and inserts are performed faster. And by turning clustered indexes to TTL indexes with a single field, you benefit from simplified delete operations and reduced storage costs.

Percona Server for MongoDB also includes the following bug fixes and enhancements provided upstream:

  • SERVER-68511 - Fixed the issue that caused inconsistency in sharding metadata when running the movePrimary command on the database that has the Feature Compatibility Version (FCV) set to 4.4 or earlier. Affects MongoDB versions 5.0.0 through 5.0.10 and MongoDB 6.0.0. Upgrade to the the fixed version of MongoDB 6.0.2 / Percona Server for MongoDB 6.0.2-1 as soon as possible.

  • SERVER-66072 - Fixed dependency analysis for $match aggregation stage with aggregation expressions with the $rand operator

  • SERVER-68130 - Fixed the AutoSplitVector’s behavior to predict the BSON object size when generating the response

  • WT-9870 - Fixed the global time window state before performing the rollback to stable operation by updating the pinned timestamp as part of the transaction setup.

  • SERVER-68628 - Fixed the issue when retrying a failed resharding operation after a primary failover could lead to server crash or lost writes.

  • SERVER-68925 - Detect and resolve table logging inconsistencies for WiredTiger tables at startup

Find the full list of new features and improvements in MongoDB 6.0 Community Edition release notes.

Percona Server for MongoDB 6.0.2-1 extends this feature set by providing enterprise-level enhancements for free.

To upgrade to PSMDB, see our upgrade instructions.

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