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Migrate from key file encryption to HashiCorp Vault encryption

The steps below describe how to migrate from the key file encryption to using HashiCorp Vault.


This is a simple guideline and it should be used for testing purposes only. We recommend to contact Percona Consulting Services to assist you with migration in production environment.


We assume that you have installed and configured the vault server and enabled the KV Secrets Engine as the secrets storage for it.

  1. Stop mongod.

    $ sudo systemctl stop mongod
  2. Insert the key from keyfile into the HashiCorp Vault server to the desired secret path.

  3. Retrieve the key value from the keyfile

    $ sudo cat /data/key/mongodb.key
  4. Insert the key into vault

    $ vault kv put secret/dc/psmongodb1 value=d0JTFcePmvROyLXwCbAH8fmiP/ZRm0nYbeJDMGaI7Zw=

    !!! note

     Vault KV Secrets Engine uses different read and write secrets paths. To insert data to Vault, specify the secret path without the `data/` prefix.
  5. Edit the configuration file to provision the HashiCorp Vault configuration options instead of the key file encryption options.

       enableEncryption: true
          port: 8200
          secret: secret/data/dc/psmongodb1
          tokenFile: /etc/mongodb/token
          serverCAFile: /etc/mongodb/vault.crt
  6. Start the mongod service

    $ sudo systemctl start mongod

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