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Scale Percona Server for MongoDB on Kubernetes and OpenShift

One of the great advantages brought by Kubernetes and the OpenShift platform is the ease of an application scaling. Scaling a Deployment up or down ensures new Pods are created and set to available Kubernetes nodes.

The size of the cluster is controlled by the size key in the Custom Resource options configuration.


The Operator will not allow to scale Percona Server for MongoDB with the kubectl scale statefulset <StatefulSet name> command as it puts size configuration options out of sync.

You can change size separately for different components of your cluster by setting this option in the appropriate subsections:

For example, the following update in deploy/cr.yaml will set the size of the MongoDB Replica Set to 5 nodes:

  size: 5

Don’t forget to apply changes as usual, running the kubectl apply -f deploy/cr.yaml command.

Last update: 2022-11-03