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Using debug image

For the cases when Pods are failing for some reason or just show abnormal behavior, the Operator can be used with a special debug image of the Percona Server for MongoDB, which has the following specifics:

  • it avoids restarting on fail,
  • it contains additional tools useful for debugging (sudo, telnet, gdb, mongodb-debuginfo package, etc.),
  • extra verbosity is added to the mongodb daemon.

Particularly, using this image is useful if the container entry point fails (mongod crashes). In such a situation, Pod is continuously restarting. Continuous restarts prevent to get console access to the container, and so a special approach is needed to make fixes.

To use the debug image instead of the normal one, set the following image name for the image key in the deploy/cr.yaml configuration file:


The Pod should be restarted to get the new image.


When the Pod is continuously restarting, you may have to delete it to apply image changes.

Changing logs representation

You can also change the representation of logs: either use structured representation, which produces a parcing-friendly JSON, or use traditional console-frienldy logging with specific level. Changing representation of logs is possible by editing the deploy/operator.yml file, which sets the following environment variables with self-speaking names and values:

    value: 'false'
    name: LOG_LEVEL
    value: INFO

Last update: 2022-11-03