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Render dashboard images

At the moment, PMM Server can’t render dashboard images exported by Grafana without these steps.

Part 1: Install dependencies

  1. Connect to your PMM Server Docker container.

    docker exec -it pmm-server bash
  2. Install Grafana plugins.

    grafana-cli plugins install grafana-image-renderer
  3. Restart Grafana.

    supervisorctl restart grafana
  4. Install libraries.

    yum install -y libXcomposite libXdamage libXtst cups libXScrnSaver pango \
    atk adwaita-cursor-theme adwaita-icon-theme at at-spi2-atk at-spi2-core \
    cairo-gobject colord-libs dconf desktop-file-utils ed emacs-filesystem \
    gdk-pixbuf2 glib-networking gnutls gsettings-desktop-schemas \
    gtk-update-icon-cache gtk3 hicolor-icon-theme jasper-libs json-glib \
    libappindicator-gtk3 libdbusmenu libdbusmenu-gtk3 libepoxy \
    liberation-fonts liberation-narrow-fonts liberation-sans-fonts \
    liberation-serif-fonts libgusb libindicator-gtk3 libmodman libproxy \
    libsoup libwayland-cursor libwayland-egl libxkbcommon m4 mailx nettle \
    patch psmisc redhat-lsb-core redhat-lsb-submod-security rest spax time \
    trousers xdg-utils xkeyboard-config alsa-lib

Part 2: Share the image

  1. Navigate to the dashboard you want to share.

  2. Open the panel menu.

  3. Select Share to reveal the Share Panel.


  4. Click Direct link rendered image.

  5. A new browser tab opens. Wait for the image to be rendered then use your browser’s image save function to download the image.

If the necessary plugins are not installed, a message in the Share Panel will say so.


Last update: 2022-05-23