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The xbstream command-line options

$ xbstream -c [OPTIONS]
$ xbstream -x [OPTIONS]

This utility has a tar-like interface.

The xbstream binary has the following options:


Usage: -absolute-names

Do not strip the leading // (slashes) from the file names when creating archives.


Usage: -c

Streams files specified on the command line to its standard output.


Usage: --decompress

Decompress the individual backup files


Usage: --decompress-threads=#

The number of threads for parallel data decompression. The default value is 1.


Usage: --decrypt=name

Specifies that xbstream automatically decrypts encrypted files when extracting input stream. The supported values are: AES128, AES192, and AES256.

You can specify either --encrypt-key or --encrypt-key-file to provide the encryption key, but do not use both options.


Usage: --directory=name

Change the current directory to this named directory before streaming or extracting.


Usage: --encrypt-key=name

Specify the encryption key used. Do not use this option with --encrypt-key-file; these options are mutually exclusive.


Usage: --encrypt-key-file=name

Specify the file that contains the encryption key. Do not use this option with --encrypt-key; these options are mutually exclusive.


Usage: --encrypt-threads-=#

Specify the number of threads for parallel data encryption. The default value is 1.


Usage: --extract

Extract to disk the files from the stream to the standard input.


Usage: --fifo-dir=name

The directory used to read or write named pipes.


Usage: --fifo-streams=#

The number of FIFO files (named pipes) to use for parallel data file streaming. To disable the option and send the stream to STDOUT, set the value to 1.


Usage: --fifo-timeout=#

The number of seconds to wait for the other end to open the stream. The default value is 60.


Usage: --parallel=#

Defines the number of worker threads for reading or writing.


Usage: -x

Extracts files from the stream read from its standard input to the current directory unless specified otherwise with the -c option. Support for parallel extraction with the --parallel option


Usage: --verbose

Print verbose output

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Last update: 2024-02-09