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Percona XtraBackup 8.0.6

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona XtraBackup 8.0.6 on May 9, 2019. Downloads are available from our download site and from apt and yum repositories.

Percona XtraBackup enables MySQL backups without blocking user queries, making it ideal for companies with large data sets and mission-critical applications that cannot tolerate long periods of downtime. Offered free as an open source solution, it drives down backup costs while providing unique features for MySQL backups.

In version 8.0.6, Percona XtraBackup introduces the support of the MyRocks storage engine with Percona Server for MySQL version 8.0.15-6 or higher.

Percona XtraBackup 8.0.6 enables saving backups to an Amazon S3, MinIO, and Google Cloud Storage (using interoperability mode) when using xbcloud. The following example demonstrates how to use an Amazon S3 storage to make a full backup:

  $ xtrabackup --backup --stream=xbstream --extra-lsndir=/tmp --target-dir=/tmp | \
  xbcloud put --storage=s3 \
  --s3-endpoint='' \
  --s3-access-key='YOUR-ACCESSKEYID' \
  --s3-secret-key='YOUR-SECRETACCESSKEY' \
  --parallel=10 \
  ${date -I}-full_backup

All *Percona* software is open-source and free

New Features

  • The MyRocks storage engine is now supported with Percona XtraBackup. More information in PXB-1754.

  • Amazon S3 is now supported in xbcloud. More information in PXB-1813.

Bugs Fixed

  • Percona XtraBackup could fail to restore the undo tablespace created during or before incremental backup. Bug fixed PXB-1780.

  • A backup could fail if log_bin_index was defined in my.cnf. Bug fixed PXB-1801.

  • When the row format was changed during the backup, xtrabackup could crash during the incremental prepare stage. Bug fixed PXB-1824.

  • During the prepare phase, Percona XtraBackup could freeze and never finish execution. Bug fixed PXB-1819.

  • Percona XtraBackup could crash during the prepare stage when making a backup of a host running MySQL Server v8.0.16. Bug fixed PXB-1839.

Other bugs fixed: PXB-1809, PXB-1810, PXB-1832, PXB-1837.

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